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Are you interested in obtaining your private pilots license? Or maybe you've been out of the cockpit for a while and want to get back into flying? Well, a flying club is a great place to to accomplish either of those goals and it could save you money over traditional flight schools.

One of the most frequently questions asked about learning to fly is "How much does it cost"? Well, that's a very difficult question to answer because it depends on a number of factors. One area in which a flying club can be more economical than a traditional flight school is the aircraft rental costs. Most flight schools as well as some flying clubs charge their rental fees based on Hobbs meter (Hobbs time) which counts at a steady rate as soon as the engine is started. Our club charges our rental fees based on the Tachometer (Tach time) which counts at a rate proportional to the engine RPM. What does this mean? In our Piper Archer, we've found that 1 hour of Hobbs time equates to approximately .85 hours of Tach time. So at our current rental fee of $100/tach hour, a flight that is 1 hour on the Hobbs meter would actually cost approximately $85. Most flight school trainers typically cost $115-$150/Hobbs hour which is a substantial difference in cost.

Another reason our flying club is a great place to learn to fly is because of the routine club meetings. Not only are you surrounded by like minded individuals, we also discuss a wide variety of aviation topics and typically kick off the meeting with a safety briefing - something very useful to new as well as experienced pilots.

If you are wanting to learn to fly, we encourage you to check out our club and talk to one of our officers. We think you will enjoy the camaraderie our club has to offer.

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